Approach & Marketing

At Authentic Styles, we have a unique, holistic approach to building brands, combining our more than 30 years of experiences with an outstanding, well-trained team.

Portfolio & Philosophy

With our portfolio of brands, we clearly put quality over quantity. That means we only work on high-quality brands/products that we believe 100% and can fully commit to. Since the building of brands takes time and care, we are only looking for long-term, target-oriented partnerships.

Established Network & Global Reach

Thanks to years of experience in the market, we have a global reach, which allows us to market product all across Europe, as well as in the US. Over the years, we have built a global network of 3500+ specialized trade clients which allows us to reach high sales numbers in a short period of time.

Marketing & Promotion

The marketing of our brands is supported by our in-house marketing agency Guerilla Style GmbH, which constantly succeeds in developing innovative strategies to promote the development of our brands. It is able to handle a broad range of projects, from the creation of press kits and branded marketing material to the creation of shop-in-shop systems, just to name a few.
We complement those marketing activities by our presence at the most important fashion shows as well as by putting items on display in our showrooms, which are located at the most important fashion locations in Germany and the US.

Sales & Distribution

In order to serve our trade clients in the best possible way, we at Authentic Style have invented an innovative distribution model, which allows us to deliver goods to our clients as quickly as possible and also to fulfil follow-up orders in a short period of time. This distribution is handled by our logistics center in Hannover/Germany.

With Authentic Style you have a powerful partner at your side, to make your brand a success.

Sailors & Brides

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